Mimeo in the Larger Media

The Mimeo Revolution was big news around 1966-1967, the Summer of Love.  There was a long article on The Littles in The New York Times on August 28, 1966.  This article written by Eric Oatman actually refers to the "mimeography revolution."  On February 17, 1967. Ed Sanders, underground publisher, poet and rock star, made the cover of Life Magazine, thus making him the face of the Counterculture (and the Mimeo Revolution) for many in Middle America.  Jeff Nuttall's Bomb Culture was published soon after, which provided a socio-historical context for the Mimeo Revolution.  Clearly, mimeo was making a big splash in mainstream culture, which rippled and formed the wave of 60s hope and euphoria that Hunter S. Thompson eulogizes in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


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