Back to School III

From out of the university little magazines exploded the student uprisings in Paris, Columbia, Berkeley, Prague and elsewhere.  If the mimeo revolution had a campus, maybe it was The London Free School or the Anti-University of London.  The London Free School was the brainchild of John "Hoppy" Hopkins among others.  Hopkins compiled and stencil duplicated the names, contact details and interests of all of London's 'movers & shakers'. He then gave all of them a copy. This action is credited with greatly boosting the cultural velocity of the 1960s London-based UK Underground. He was also a founder of the International Times and the UFO Club. 

The Anti-University arose out of the Dialectics of Liberation Conference in July 1967, spearheaded by Joe Berke, R.D. Laing, and David Cooper.  Trigram Press printed the course catalog in February of 1968 and the mimeograph machine cranked away as well.



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