42 Rue de Seine

This was the location for Gait Froge's English Bookshop in Paris. Today it is a small art gallery. Froge's bookstore, like Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare & Co., dipped its foot in the pool of independent publishing. The English Bookshop financed Minutes to Go, a collection of cut-up texts by William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Gregory Corso and Sinclair Beiles. Froge also footed the bill for Burroughs' first spoken word album, Call Me Burroughs (1965). The album was recorded by Ian Sommerville in the bookshop's basement.
Burroughs scored for heroin at La Palette, a legendary neighborhood cafe founded in 1904, located at 43 Rue de Seine. Books and drugs. Easy access to his two major addictions. What more did Burroughs need?


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