A Call to Arms

The Mimeo Revolution was born in the camps at Waldport. Untide Press is, to my mind, the first alternative press of the second half of the 20th Century. William Everson, Glen Colffield, and Adrian Wilson used letterpress and mimeograph to print their underground newspaper: The Untide. This is only fitting given the fact that the United States Government utilized the mimeograph from the Pentagon to the Phillipines. Mimeo is almost synonymous with the US military and its directives. See this cartoon: http://myloc.gov/Exhibitions/herblock/EverythingsNotOkay/ExhibitObjects/EverythingsOkay.aspx. If you search online for mimeographed publications you are going to get a ton of Hollywood scripts, little magazines and military publications. The Mimeo Revolution provided an open space to combat America's mass media and military-industrial complex. The Untide Press operated in the belly of the beast and provided a model for subsequent generations of publishers in San Francisco and beyond.



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