Serious Fun

Berkson, Fagin, and Brainard.  That is some serious company.  I want to party with these guys as they know how to have a good time.  Early Big Sky from 1971, with only 200 copies.  And if Kyle will get in on the fun, this chapbook might be on Cuneiform Press in the near future.  Be on the look out there for other Big Sky publications.  At the very least, Big Sky #2 will be up posted soon.

This winter has been seriously depressing and reading Big Sky was a form of literary Prozac.  It is always a pleasure to read a well-edited little magazine.  I have read quite a few magazines over the years and Big Sky and its accompanying press is a serious contender to be ranked among the greats.

Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I hear the commute back from Bolinas can be a bitch.



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