Respect For Your Elders

A bookseller on Abebooks states that Kauri ran for "only" 33 issues.  Poor Will Inman is definitely not getting his props here.  In the mimeo world that is a TON of issues.  In fact the daunting prospect of trying to gather together all 33 issues is the sole and only reason I do not own a single issue of Kauri.  To say nothing of the New Kauri.  Which I am inclined to hate by the way.  Cannot stand it when a magazine ends and then sputters up again.  It is uncomfortable and brings up all times of questions.  Do I have to have the New Kauri to have a complete run of Kauri?  Are they separate magazines?  Evergreen Review pulled the same shit.  I do not care what anybody else thinks but a complete run of Evergreen Review ends in 1973 with issue 96.  All the drips and dribbles after that are imposters and pretenders.  I want to take a baseball bat to the mag like in a Looney Tunes cartoon and beat it into submission.  Die already and with some dignity.  It is perfectly okay to stop publishing a mimeo mag, particularly if you have been grinding it out for 33 issues.  Nothing to be ashamed about and to be honest it is a major accomplishment.  Few slog it out that long despite what they might say on Abebooks.  That is like a rare bookdealer being in business for "only" a decade.  If it is so easy why don't you get out there and try and do it.



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