While we are talking about theme songs for the Mimeo Revolution, Hey Joe has to be a contender.  Everybody talks about the Monterey version of the tune but this one is not bad either also from 1967.  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmP8EoQ2XwU.  If there is a criticism of the Experience I think it is encapsulated in Mitch Mitchell's frilly shirt.  It is this shirt, emblematic of the worst of peace and love, that made a dud like The Wind Cried Mary possible.  For my taste, the Experience was at its best when it was a garage band.  Purple Haze aside, acid may have been the worst thing that happened to Hendrix.  Stick to the speed.

Also Eric Clapton stole his white man's fro from the Experience, right.  Clapton never recovered from hearing Hendrix in London in 1966.  Listening to Hendrix play Hey Joe with the newly discovered Marshall amp was a hair raising experience.



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